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Lesotho, the Kingdom in the Sky
Greetings to you all and welcome to our website. Let me tell you about my dream for my country. I am passionate about Lesotho's socio-economic and infrastructural development. I believe that development of Lesotho would certainly benefit from small scale manufacturing industries. Connecting peoples of different cultural background to invest to the economy of my country could boost its employment opportunities and certainly improve the standard of living.

I believe that marketing of homegrown products (agricultural, fisheries, artifacts, tourism infrastructure and natural resources) to the international community would be an ideal way of improving the economy and cultural development. I therefore, encourage investors to take advantage of the pristine nature of Lesotho's economic drive, highly trained and skilled personal to a win-win situation.

Readers are encouraged to take their time to page through the activities of the Lesotho Embassy in Tokyo and kindly give us feed back where you feel we need to improve, encourage us where we are doing well and support our dream.
The experience of Lesotho. That is truly something special that can only be savored here in this land. Towering mountains, endlessly soaring blue skies, and deep, torrential rivers. Whether in the snow-clad winter or under the broiling summer sun, Lesotho offers the experience of natural splendor in all its beauty and power. It is no exaggeration to say that your adventure and exciting experiences come into being here in Lesotho, so please savor it fully, to your heart's content. Lesotho is a land of extremes, in altitudes, depths, scale, distances, and temperatures. In order to survive in this unique country, people and wild animals have coexisted since prehistoric times, and endured the harsh trials of nature. This gave rise to culture and tradition, and fostered our history. Lesotho also provides a wealth of precious information for historians in the areas of archeology and paleontology, with its dinosaur remains and rock art paintings depicting the lives of earlier generations. Admire the nature, enjoy the sports, explore the mysteries of the past, all here in this country. Lesotho, the kingdom in the sky, is waiting eagerly to welcome you.
National Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Lesotho National Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Lesotho
This Coat of Arms was created to commemorate the nation's independence on October 4, 1966. The central shield contains the representation of a crocodile, which is the family crest of King Letsie III, supported by two horses to the left and right. The three words "KHOTSO," "PULA," and "NALA" written on the ribbon mean peace, rain, and prosperity in Sesotho, the official language of the Kingdom of Lesotho.
The Flag of the Kingdom of Lesotho The Flag of the Kingdom of Lesotho
The sky with rain and peace, together with the bountiful land and prosperity. The Kingdom of Lesotho was established under the sovereign Moshoeshoe II in 1966. This national flag was adopted on October 4, 2006, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of independence using blue to represent the sky and the rain, white for peace, and green to signify the bountiful land and prosperity. In the center is a hat of the kind worn by the proud Basotho people, the inhabitants of the kingdom.